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    Bamboo Food Serving Board with Knife Set

    Entertain in fashion with this Bamboo Food Serving Board with Knife Set that acts as a stunning platform for your snacks. With a neatly contained design, this board houses everything you need for decadent grazing and seamlessly slides into a compact single triangle for effortless storage in your kitchen.

    With the 4-tiered design, this Serving Board is constructed from environmentally pleasant bamboo that is naturally antibacterial and convenient to easy and as well as robust. This will be a cherished enjoyable accessory in your home for years to come.

    • It is perfect for reducing and supplying a variety of tough and tender cheeses or appetizers.
    • Made from anti-bacterial, environmentally pleasant materials.
    • Compact, 4-tiered cheese and charcuterie board.
    • It is convenient to save and carry.