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    Handmade Wooden Fruit Bowl

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    This is a Handmade Wooden Fruit Bowl, the bowl is handcrafted from natural olive wood by skilled artisans.  Each bowl has a special and exclusive timber pattern. It is very well-sanded and has first-class finishes that make it a great and satisfactory bowl.

    The olive wood bowl can not only be used to hold fruits, and vegetables but also can be used as decorations and placed in the living room, banquets, and other places. So, hurry up and get this unique bowl soon.

    • The timber knot or black spot is the herbal influence of the trunk, no longer its defect, but the boom track.
    • These bowls will exhibit herbal markings and divisions and are a regular section of the bowl.
    • Beautifully handcrafted bowls with luxurious olive timber in amazing grain and coloring.
    • This bowl is certainly a unique item.